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Powerhouse producer, James Elliott a.k.a Brok Bundlez formerly known as Saran has managed to sustain a resilient history as an extraordinary beat maker, hence, exhibiting his ordained talent for presenting flawless remixes for numerous underground as well as mainstream artist throughout his vibrant career. "BR" for "Brooklyn" and OK for his new home "Oklahoma" and "Bundlez" which represents "bundlez of money for his entire family" says plenty about this New York native. Considered a sound master due to his manipulation of creative technique of combining a blend of hip hop, soul, classical, funk and jazz into a meaty stew of beats and hooks. Concocting a very unique sound that is extremely pleasing to the ear, earning him a seat at the round table. Brok Bundlez has been behind some of the most high and most significantly recognized profile projects in the world of music in its entirety. Under the wing of DJ Mister Cee, Brok obtained notoriety from his role in Kool G Rap's song "Lifestyles of the rich and famous" from the legendary album "Rated XXX". Brok's big break came by way of New YorK's popular radio station Hot 97FM, producing shows for the then radio personality Wendy Williams. He then collaborated with Mister Cee on the smash hit "Shake that ass girl", later landing him a job with the now (Disfunct group) "Da Bushwackas on Pallas records and recorded the song "Bubblin Brown Sugar". Disenchanted by the shady sides of hip hop music, Brok faded from the scene temporarily to compose himself and polish his craft all while remaining focused on his family's needs. Now a member of the IMDB, Brok has infiltrated the film scene, swiftly landing his music in the film "Freedom" which is written an directed by Ty Hunter and premiers in film festivals worldwide. Independent albums and various projects are scheduled for release in the summer of 2012 which seem promising for this underground giant. Any project Brok Bundlez is involved in is sure to make a legitimate statement globally, bottom line. Accompanied by worldwide distribution, online stores, strong radio and internet presence, Brok should soon be receiving his bundlez of money by the pounds.

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